VRKiX Virtual Reality 3D Headset for Smartphones

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Adjustable Smart Phone Tray

The hinged front door opens down to expose the phone tray. The adjustable smartphone tray securely holds devices up to 3" X 6" including iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 5 ensuring your device will not fall out when the door is reopened.

Spring Loaded Device Holder

Adjustable, sliding spring tension tabs located inside the device tray holds your phone tightly, ensuring it will stay centred and will not drift inside they tray as you move your head around.

Removable Front Access Plate

An easily removable, magnetic front plate provides access to either rotation of your cell phone camera for those applications that use the camera feature to enhance the virtual reality experience. The magnetic pull makes it a “snap’ to reattach the panel.


Large adjustable optical resin lenses reduce deformity and remove glare, preventing eye fatigue. Lens depth and pupil distance are fully adjustable so you can view without wearing glasses.

Lens Specs

VRKiX lens size is 30mm. The Focal Length, the distance between the lens and the image sensors when the subject is in focus, is 60mm. Our Field of Vision,(FOV), which is the extent of the observable world at an given moment is 85%.

Front Ventilation Screen

Removing the front plate during augmented reality sessions allows increased the airflow through the front screen to keep your unit cooled.

Thick Padding

Thick, padded facial cushion provides comfort for long periods of viewing time. The cushion is upholstered with a soft pleather material to make cleaning easy. Just wipe the pad with a soapy cloth to remove facial oils and dirt.

Adjustable Head Strap

The soft, adjustable 1.5 inch wide elastic straps with "pillow back" support and the goggles light weight construction reduce head and neck strain.  The straps are adjustable in three locations, left side, right side and top band to adjust to any head size.


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